Trade a Spare Week to Get Better Vacation Rental Photography!

We’ve all said it- “That doesn’t look too hard. I don’t need to hire a pro, I bet I could figure it out”. So off we go to visit our best bud Mr.Google and begin searching around for every post, Yahoo answer and DIY forum we can find. Now, before I continue I’m gonna stop me here… I am THE WORST when it comes to trying to do things myself. In fact I remember being tempted to search YouTube so I could perform surgery on my dog when he had this gross thing growing in his mouth (don’t worry, I didn’t do it! I love my pup and would sooner perform surgery on myself before I hurt him). But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Every time I’m tempted to build my own plane so I can get free plane tickets, figure out if I could drill for oil in my back yard to save money on gas or use the old timey, wisky+pliers=free dental equation I repeat this to myself…. 


I have (and have had) quite a few business ventures (one of them being a property management business) and in a world where you have access to information it’s easy to think you can learn to do everything yourself. The truth is, simply, that you can’t– especially when it comes to something like photography for your homes.

I know you want better vacation rental photography, who doesn’t? We’ve become a generation of DIY’ers, which is great to a point.  However, when you’ve got an industry like Vacation Rentals growing at the rate it is, it’s important to focus on your strengths and let those that are the experts fill in some of your gaps. That’s why I started ShootStay. We’ve found a way to let you trade the downtime of your rentals with Professional Photographers and Videographers. It doesn’t cost Homeowners and Managers a dime so if you’re looking to extend your booking season by putting your homes best face forward head over to ShootStay and sign up for free today.

ShootStay Before and After

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John McElligott is the founder of ShootStay, a network of photographers that trade their skills with Vacation homeowners and property managers for stays in the downtime of their properties. Owners get great, free professional photos at no cost to them. He is also a photographer, musician, entrepreneur, real estate developer, property manager and United States Marine.

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